Hole in the wall

If I draw a circle, most people, when asked what I have drawn, will say I have drawn a circle or a disc, or a ball. Very few people will say I’ve drawn a hole in the wall, because most people think of the inside first, rather than thinking of the outside. But actually these two sides go together – you cannot have what is ‘in here’ unless you have what is ‘out there.’

This was pulled from The Geography of Bliss where author Eric Weiner used it to communicate the insight that where we are is vital to who we are.

As profound as the inference is, I came away even further intrigued by my own reflection that I’ve spent most of my life seeing circles. What have I missed in life by missing the hole in the wall?

The lateral view opens up myriad dimensions whereas the linear view opens up one. Nowadays when I encounter problems, one of the first questions I ask is, “what’s the hole the wall?”