Life and Death

My wife and I’s daughter can come any day now, and in her ever imminent birth, I’ve never been more in touch with death.

One of the most prominent relationships of my adult life has been my relationship with dates. In my athletic pursuits, I prepared for exact competition dates that will come. In my business endeavors, I prepared for exact launch dates that will come. In my love life, I prepared for dates, an engagement and a wedding…exact dates that will come.

Birth has been a practice in a new experience with dates. Although assigned, a due date is not exact and birth is not guaranteed. In this experience, I’ve confronted my own experience of death and I’ve come to the following realizations:

First: life and death are not similar; they are the same. The day my wife informed me that she was pregnant was the day I realized that inasmuch as the ticker to a birth date was triggered, the ticker to a death date was triggered as well. As our daughter was created, she was already dying. Life and death operate on the same train track and the plot twist is, they are the same train.

Second: I’ve spent most of my life either holding onto the ride in fear of not knowing when it the ride would end, or looking forward to the next station, taking for granted that the ride could end at any time.

Third: Freeing ourselves from the rigidity of life and death as dates is one of our greatest expressions of freedom. It is an expression of presence. Presence is freedom. In this freedom, gratitude and surrender are as omnipresent as life and death itself.

Last: Life and death don’t come. They’re already here.

Just be here.


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